Energy Case Study: Jeter Helps Leading Energy Company Handle 100 Acquisitions a Year

mergers and acquisitions records case study

Business Issue

The Land Records file room for a leading energy company wanted a more efficient way to
incorporate the high volume of new files generated from their constant acquisition of assets.

For “A Leading Energy Company” constantly acquiring new properties, the Land Records
file room was always a very busy place, but as their business began an unprecedented growth phase, they really had their hands full. With up to 100 acquisitions made in a year, the task of incorporating thousands of new files from different companies was enormous, and their system for well and lease files was being pushed to its limits. The Land Records Manager wanted a more efficient way to incorporate new files and track existing files. As they began the search for a partner to help them do this, Jeter was contacted and asked to present.

Consistency is Key

Jeter consultants met with the Land Records Manager and file room staff, analyzing the current state of the file room, their immediate needs and plans for future growth. They then took them through Jeter’s records management process from beginning to end. In talking together they realized that both the intake and tracking problems would be solved by implementing a consistent Records Management methodology across the enterprise. Jeter recommended that the best way to achieve consistency would be to start by converting all existing files, standardizing on a color coded system with custom labels, and using a file tracking software as the linchpin to guarantee accuracy and consistency. Then, as new files came in, they would easily be incorporated using this new system. The Land Records team agreed and Jeter won the business.

File Tracking Software Benefits

  • Quickly track every file at all times
  • Speed retrieval times
  • Improve overall access to information
  • Maximize efficiency of RM resources

What’s On the Label

Getting the label design right is a critical step in creating an efficient Records
Management process. It has to match your business process and include all relevant information. Jeter’s Professional Services Division designed a label template that matched the company’s dynamics, using the well number, well name, legal, county and state to clearly identify the file. When the template was approved, Professional Services personnel deployed and the conversion began.

Making the Conversion

The Jeter team used a series of audits designed to ensure that the file conversion
was accurate. They began with a data test, using printouts of the existing electronic data base, and physically matching it to every file on the shelves. Then as protection against error in the data test, all the information was pulled from every label in the room. This information was then compiled and cross referenced. With this completed, the Professional Services Division began producing labels and converting files, uploading each one into the software as it was created. All of this was done on site, eliminating downtime and ensuring that every file remained accessible without losing a single one.

RM Software: Training on the Right Tool

With the conversion complete, the Jeter Professional Services team trained the Land Records staff at their facility on how to manage Jeter’s RM software, including checking files in and out with the program, installation, and training their own staff later, so that everyone in the file room could access it. During this process, the Jeter team installed a day forward process for integrating incoming acquisition files and incorporating them into their new Records Management program. When inputting a new file, a bar code and color label would be generated immediately, ensuring consistency across the board.


The conversion project was completed within the prescribed time frame and with a minimum of disruption. The energy company now had one consistent method for managing their records throughout the entire cycle, and a robust tool to do it with. According to the Land Records Manager, “We were very happy with Jeter’s work. We loved the labeling – it is very efficient and Jeter’s RM software has really improved our ability to keep track of all our files. The Jeter team was professional at all times, and from a customer service standpoint they excelled. The one thing that sold us on Jeter was their quick response and great customer service, a major requirement, of our company, when looking for a vendor.” Jeter’s continued engagement with this energy company, including converting the Land Acquisition file room, the Engineering file room, and the imaging of about 25 000 lease files is a testament to the soundness of Jeter’s Records Management practices.

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