Energy Case Study: Learn How Jeter Helped Pengrowth Corporation Reduce Storage Costs with Jeter SMART

Nothing tests the limits of your records management like rapid growth. Pengrowth Corporation, a top North American energy trust company, had been expanding significantly for over three years before they merged and acquired a billion dollar asset in 2006, doubling their employee base in a year. Their records management program had really been challenged to meet the growing demands of the business, and they decided they wanted to develop a new records management strategy.

Together With Jeter

On the basis of their existing relationship, Pengrowth decided to partner with Jeter to develop a road map for a new RM strategy and determine what action had to be taken. Over a period of three months, the Jeter team meticulously created a comprehensive road map, taking time to ensure that every aspect of the program, from compliance and risk management to access and storage footprints, was as strong as possible. While there were many RM priorities identified during this process, in light of the fact that Pengrowth would be moving to a new corporate headquarters, it was decided that implementing the SMART program company wide would be a good start.


The SMART (Streamline. Manage. Access. Retain. Toss.) program was designed to help organizations reduce the amount of material they retain. Essentially the program involves taking employees through a process of reviewing their record and non record material, determining what is not essential. This way non-essential materials, both paper and electronic, can be eliminated, reducing storage costs and streamlining information access and retrieval time.

The Jeter and Pengrowth teams recognized that implementing SMART would have three major benefits:

  • Help raise profile of the internal records management team, demonstrating their competencies, services and role both currently and going forward, showing how they can support Pengrowth’s entire organization
  • Give both teams the opportunity to be in every office across the organization, to understand and observe current RM practices and identify opportunities to streamline
  • Lighten the load, so only business critical material would be moved, creating a lean mean business machine

Getting SMART

Both teams worked together to prepare for the implementation of the SMART sessions. Communication is a critical part of the process, and both Jeter and Pengrowth created and maintained an excellent dialogue before, during, and after the sessions. When all elements were ready, the SMART process began (download PDF to see diagram).


Incentivization plays a critical part in moving the SMART process along: team members are issued “Jeter Bucks”, and when certain benchmarks are hit, e.g. if someone clears a cabinet, they would receive one hundred Jeter Bucks, amounts are tracked by Jeter and prizes are awarded by Pengrowth at the end of the process.

Reporting & Communication

The Jeter team made sure the Pengrowth management team was kept apprised of progress through regular reports detailing what had been captured, what was shredded and so on. And because the SMART program allows Jeter’s consultants to get a picture of the entire organization, they were able to put together a report noting pain points, problem areas, as well as detailing efficiencies and solutions.

The Pengrowth team came up with the excellent idea of putting plans, expectations and progress reports into their weekly newsletter, so that every team member was always up to date.

Building on Progress

The SMART project at Pengrowth was a total success, with Jeter and Pengrowth bringing their strengths together to complete the project on time and on budget. The level of support and participation from Pengrowth was singular, particularly from the leadership team and facilities group, not to mention the enthusiastic involvement of every single one of the Pengrowth team members.

As Bernadette Resnik said, “ We accomplished what we set out to, not only designing a roadmap for records management going forward, but also by getting rid of a lot of non-critical material, we are a leaner business, and it puts us in a great position for our upcoming move.”
If you’d like to learn more about how SMART can help your organization get rid of unnecessary records materials, contact us.

Download a PDF of this case study here.

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