File Relocation

Files aren’t furniture, so why trust them to a mover?

Move files safely and securely

Relocating your files isn’t just a question of piling them into a bin and loading them onto a truck. As the information support and legal evidence for your business activities, it’s critical that your files remain accessible and secure throughout the move process. Perhaps more important is preserving the integrity of your collection; —the last thing you want is files arranged in the wrong order at the new destination. Given the diverse nature and size of most records collections, all of this presents huge challenges. The solution is applying records management best practices to file relocation situations.

When you’’re faced with the critical – and often overwhelming – task of relocating your files, let Jeter help. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that your file relocation process is done quickly and accurately, with minimal disruption to your business,– whether you’’re relocating down the hall or across the country.

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