Professional Services

Timely access to information. Reducing storage space costs. File room design. Jeter can help your organization address and solve these and other critical business issues. Working together, we analyze, develop and implement records management framework solutions that allow your organization to work more efficiently, make better decisions and manage your exposure to risk.

Analyze, plan and implement

The process starts with a detailed analysis of how you currently use, store, and access records and information. We examine your current records management practices, what information you have, who accesses that information and how it is used. We look at document types and uses, storage methods and space utilization and most importantly the needs of your employees.

Jeter then develops a strategic plan that will provide your organization with a complete records management framework. We provide recommendations, priorities and estimated budget costs. We will even implement the solution for you.

Make better decisions

The ability to quickly access crucial information means improved productivity and better decision-making. It also helps ensure service delivery to your valued customers and stakeholders.

An organized records management program will save you money through increased productivity, more efficient use of floor space, and the timely disposal of redundant or unnecessary records. But more importantly your organization will be able to leverage the knowledge that it possesses to make better decisions.

Manage your risk

Jeter ensures that your records management practices are compliant with all industry-specific regulations and legislation. We make you aware of your legal requirements and the impact of privacy legislation, freedom of information and Sarbanes/Oxley.

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