Four-Post Shelving

Heavy Duty Four-Post ShelvingBusinesses today need to economically retain and protect their file collections. Doing so in limited space, with accessibility for day-to-day use, requires specialized filing equipment.

Attractive, easy-to-assemble, space efficient Jeter Four-Post Shelving has been specifically designed for this purpose. Open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible and provide easy retrieval. Units utilize vertical space to maximize file storage per square foot, while keeping files within easy reach.

Heavy Duty Four-Post

Heavy Duty Four-Post Shelving is strong, versatile shelving with easy-to-assemble units that ideally suit many diverse storage applications. For maximum storage capacity, Jeter combines heavy gauge steel shelves, shelf supports and welded uprights with rack-type construction. Smooth, unbroken lines give a finished appearance with no unsightly holes or exposed edges.

Case-Style Library Shelving

Jeter Case-Style Library Shelving’s crisp, clean appearance and quality finish blend beautifully with virtually any decor. Components interlocks without separate fasteners for quick assembly and it’s strong and rigid construction carries even the heaviest of book collections safely.

X-Ray Shelf Filing Units

Jeter Heavy-Duty X-Ray Shelf Filing Units have been specifically engineered to combine strength and accessibility with compact design, for efficient use of available space.

To learn more about Jeter’s Four-Post Shelving, please contact your Jeter sales representative at 1-800-321-8261 or complete our response form.

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