Open Shelving Systems

With cost and availability of office space at a premium, efficiency is key. Let Jeter show you how to get the most from your file rooms. Our experts can help you to improve space utilization, while providing immediate access to your files.

Jeter’s open shelving systems are designed for high-density, highly active filing environments. They enable immediate access to a large number of files within a limited space.

Jeter’s flexible, modular open shelving design maximizes the space you have available while making it easier to file, retrieve and shift your files.

open shelving systems

  • unit spacefinder

    Unit Spacefinder

    Jeter's Unit Spacefinder is a completely modular, fully adjustable line of Open Lateral storage equipment. Learn More
  • large document storage

    Large Document Storage

    Jeter's Large Document Storage Solution stores maps, blueprints and other large documents in up to 75% less space using custom shelving to store documents in a vertical space. Learn More
  • cantilever library shelving

    Cantilever Library Shelving

    Specifically designed to store a variety of media, you can customize Jeter's cantilever bookstacks with a several shelf and support options. Learn More
  • four-post shelving

    4-Post Shelving

    Jeter's Heavy-Duty 4-Post shelving is attractive, easy-to-assemble, space efficient and economical. Learn More
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