Slant Cabinets

Jeter Slant CabinetsJeter’s Slant shelf file cabinets have a unique patented design. Their unusual shape tells you that these are something different.

Unusual Shape Offers Filing Advantages

These shelves are parallelogram-shaped, with the slant of the cabinet causing each folder to extend past the one next to it. Because you see each folder better-you file faster! Because of their unique construction, slant files provide the thinnest depth in the filing industry. Letter size is only 10″ deep, legal size is 12 1/2″ deep and X-Ray shelves are only 15″ deep.

Access File Folders Easily

The downward tilt of each shelf creates a unique stair-step effect, making the top corner folder edges visible. More importantly, it allows for fast refilling. You can easily separate the folders as you return a folder to the appropriate space in a knifing motion.

Enhanced Visibility Allows for Fast Filing

Cabinets are also angled from left to right allowing file folders to shingle from left to right. The greater visibility that this file provides is unparalleled. And, visibility is key for fast filing.

Slant Cabinet Features and Benefits

  • Shelves are tilted slightly downward and angled from left to right making files more visually available
  • Work shelves provide rollout work surface, allowing both hands to be free for filing
  • Available in 5,6,7 and 8 Tier options in letter, legal and X-Ray sizes
  • Flexible configuration – Accommodates standard color-coded filing, secure lockable storage, and small media filing

To learn more about Slant Cabinets, please contact your Jeter sales representative at 1-800-321-8261 or complete our response form.

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