File Folders

Jeter manufactures a variety of file folder styles to maximize efficiency in your records management system. To meet your individual needs, each style has unique features to work within your current storage system and improve productivity. In addition, we can even provide you with custom folders with custom printing and factory installed labels and accessories.

  • top tab folder

    Top Tab Folders

    Top Tab style folders have a notched tab along the top to provide room for color coding of files in standard roll-out drawer cabinets. Learn More
  • manila pocket folder


    Jeter provides a wide assortment of pocket designs, created to easily manage complex documents that range from very large or varying sizes. Learn More
  • carbon neutral folder

    jeterZEROfile - A folder that doesn't cost the earth!™

    100% recyclable, carbon neutral folder made from well-managed forestry certified products. Learn More
  • folder storage box

    Folder Accessories

    Jeter provides you with a wide range of folder accessories available to improve efficiency and keep your documents secure. Learn More
  • end-tab folders

    End-tab Folders

    End-tab style folders have a notched side tab, and are available in a wide variety of specialty materials. Learn More
  • custom indexes for folders

    Custom Indexes

    Jeter custom indexes can enhance your folders by making it easier to find what you need when you need it. Learn More
  • custom folder printing

    Custom Folder Services

    With Jeter's Custom folder services, your folders arrive customized to your specific requirements to help maximize employee productivity. Services include custom printed forms and logos, color-coded labels attached and fasteners and dividers installed. Learn More

Jeter provides file folders and other records management products and solutions for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical and financial services industries. To find out more about our file folders, complete our response form or call 1-800-321-8261 for more information.

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