Oil and Gas/Energy

The ability to discover, refine and distribute products derived from our natural resources, efficiently and profitably, is no easy task. You must comply with privacy legislation, environmental and occupational health and safety regulations. In addition, world commodity prices fluctuate daily and you are challenged to deliver quality products that meet market demands. Add increased competition, and today more than ever you must ensure your records management system provides your resource experts and technical staff with the information they need when they need it.

Jeter Can Help

For over 30 years we have been providing major energy companies with expert advice to ensure their records systems are compliant, efficient and effective.

Jeter records management professionals understand the complexities of the resource sector and will ensure your document management practices are organized so you can access and manage the information you need to be successful. We apply our expertise to the development of both paper and electronic document management solutions, for your upstream and downstream operations.

Support Key Business Functions

Documents provide the “corporate memory” or knowledge base of your organization and support your key business functions. For example, joint venture documents define the relationships between the parties, build mutual trust and ensure that the partnership is mutually beneficial. Whether your records are paper or electronic – Jeter will help you organize, access and manage your documented information to support key business functions.

Work More Efficiently

Well files for example, which contain exploration and production information, are the means by which your operational efforts and results are coordinated, evaluated and communicated. Land records document the terms and conditions of the land you own or lease. By developing and implementing a proper records storage and management system for your organization, Jeter will help you realize efficiencies in space usage and retrieval time, ensure files can be shared and allow you to make better business decisions and exploit potential opportunities.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Increasing legal and regulatory requirements necessitate that your records management program clearly outlines responsibilities in creating, maintaining, accessing and storing critical records to ensure that significant regulatory obligations are met. Workplace hazardous materials documents ensure compliance with safety regulations and contribute to the establishment of safe workplace practices. Closed well documents and environmental assessment documents provide the vital evidence that you have complied with environmental regulations. A Jeter records management system will ensure you can effectively demonstrate compliance.

For more information on how Jeter can help energy sector companies get organized, call 1-800-321-8261 or complete our online response form. You can also visit our parent company’s energy records management site here.

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