Health Care: Patient Chart Management

A patient’’s record is an extension of that patient, which makes records management in the health care sector particularly important. Now, at a time of major change in the health care sector, good records management is more important than ever. Protecting patient information, meeting tough regulatory and legislative requirements, storing increasingly large volumes of records, and the move to e-records are just some of the issues emerging against a backdrop of ever shrinking budgets.

Jeter: Your Partner for Change Management

Most health care organizations have a clear picture of where they want to take their RM program in the face of these major changes, and the big challenge is getting there. Jeter can help you create a safe transition environment by working with your people at all levels of the organization to determine the best steps to gain consistency and work towards interoperability. And we know that because of staffing shortages health care organizations must look to their vendors to stay with them after projects are completed. We can continue to provide consultation and manpower whenever changes are required that are beyond the capabilities of your RM team.

Challenges for Health Care

The environment that today’s health care organizations operate in is a constantly changing and complex one. This changing environment has presented new health records management challenges for health care institutions:

  • Effective management and retention of paper records
  • Streamlining the data and records that form a complete patient chart
  • Standardizing of terminology and implementation of coding standards
  • Need to improve processing of time sensitive records
  • Incorporating security and access into electronic systems
  • Managing the hybrid environment and mitigating risk
  • Department-level planning and implementation of regional RM strategy

To meet these challenges, Jeter can help you:

  • Consolidate and reduce paper records for more effective storage, reduced retrieval costs, and improved compliance
  • Assess the use and collection of patient information to reduce overlap and streamline information to create on concise patient chart
  • Effectively implement electronic components while maintaining full access to patient records and mitigating the risks of transition to ensure ongoing patient care quality
  • Reduce variance across departments and sites by holistically assessing the current situation and determining the best plan of action to transition to the desired state of regional integration

Get the Benefit of Jeter’s Experience

For 30 years we have been helping the North American health care sector implement the right RM programs and manage their RM projects. We provide expert advice to ensure their records systems are compliant, efficient and cost effective. Jeter records management professionals will benchmark your document and patient chart management practices against best in class systems. From electronic imaging and bar coding applications, to record consolidation and conversion, Jeter will provide you with the best solution to manage greater file volumes more efficiently and in less space. Our solutions can even allow you to manage more records with fewer people. Whatever your records management issue, Jeter can help.

For more information on how Jeter can help your health care organization, call 1-800-321-8261 or complete our online response form.

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