Government Records Management

The ability to deliver programs and services efficiently and cost-effectively is a challenge experienced by all levels of government. Policy development and program delivery, support and internal administration all necessitate the creation and maintenance of millions of electronic and paper documents per year. Managing these documents effectively can reduce space and labor costs and improve service delivery.

Jeter Can Help

For over 30 years we have been providing all levels of government with expert advice to ensure their records systems are efficient and cost effective, while meeting freedom of information and privacy requirements.

Jeter records management professionals will apply their expertise and experience to ensure that “best in class” records management practices are in place and your limited resources are used wisely.

Work More Efficiently

Deficit elimination and cost reduction is the order of the day. By developing and implementing a proper records storage and government document management system, Jeter will help you cut costs by realizing efficiencies in space utilization and reducing document retrieval times. Employee productivity will be improved as will decision-making ability and inter-department collaboration through better knowledge and access to information.

Support Key Government Functions

Many government programs involve transactions with individual citizens or organizations who complete and sign documents in the process. Internal administration of government generates large volumes of documents and policy development involves the creation of various complex, relatively unstructured documents. These documents must be up-to-date, accurate and readily available for you to function.

From the development of a classification scheme, to policies and procedures for your staff to follow – Jeter will help you organize, access and manage your documented information to support key government records management functions.

For more information on how Jeter government document management professionals can help deliver more with less, call 1-800-321-8261 or complete our online response form.

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