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New space development. Office moves. Mergers and acquisitions. These are a few of the times you are called in to help your clients plan the most effective use of their space. You have to consider design, function, load factors and more. When it comes to records storage, Jeter can help you provide your clients with a well designed and executed records management program to reduce space and labor costs.

Jeter Can Help

For the past 30 years we have been providing architecture and design firms with expert advice to assist them in understanding how records management principles can significantly reduce the space requirements for their clients. Jeter records management professionals match design with function by understanding the operational considerations of the client and matching those to the architectural considerations of the designer. We accomplish this by working with all parties to understand the client’s unique factors that impact access to critical information and filing space planning.

From the correct file storage to color coding client files, Jeter will provide you with the best solution to offer your clients to manage greater file volumes more efficiently and in less space. Our solutions can even allow your clients to manage more records with fewer people.

By making better use of facility space with Jeter products, you can decrease the amount of space your clients need for records storage. Using the proper file storage products in their office speeds filing and retrieval by improving access to information. An end-tab color-coded filing system offers maximum storage density and improved accessibility versus traditional lateral roll-out drawer filing. Space utilization is improved by narrowing or eliminating aisles and using all the height available to you for design. Physical access is improved by making clients’ records visible at a glance.

Support Key Business Functions

Jeter can help you to differentiate your firm’s offering and add value to your business. We know records and how to store the most in the least space. Think of us when your clients have a large volume of paper records, want to reduce space costs or their space is limited. Trust Jeter professionals to help you help your clients to organize, access and manage their documented information.

AIA Continuing Education Program

AIA/CES Seminars:

As an educational service to the architects and designers, TAB offers AIA/CES registered seminars on storage space planning. Each seminar is approximately an hour long and features a variety of storage applications, which demonstrate how TAB can help you save valuable time during your storage space planning projects. Authorized members of TAB can present the educational seminars at facilities throughout the US.

Contact us if you are interested in earning AIA/CES continuing education credits.

For more information on how Jeter can add value to your architectural or design practice, or request literature specific to you, call 1-800-321-8261 or complete our online response form. You can also visit our parent company’s architecture and design records management site here.

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