Accounting/Risk Management

In the records-intensive environment of the accounting and risk management sector, having a comprehensive records management program in place is critical to the success of your organization.

The right records management program guarantees the security and accessibility of your paper and electronic documents, saving you space and labor costs in the process by organizing your information more efficiently.

And in today’s world of stringent regulatory requirements, privacy legislation, Sarbanes/Oxley rules and increasing litigation, your RM program must also keep you compliant while reducing the risk and cost of litigation, without impacting your ability to deliver a high level of service to your internal and external customers.

Jeter: Helping You Focus on Records Management

For any records management (RM) program to be effective, it has to be a daily priority across your entire enterprise. This has traditionally been one of the biggest RM challenges for the accounting and risk management sector. At Jeter, we understand that part of the problem is time constraints and lack of expertise. We will work with your people to facilitate the adoption of RM policies and practices at each level of the organization and across business units. We can act as your eyes and ears on records management, a partner who is constantly thinking of RM on behalf of your firm, someone who can knowledgeably lead change where appropriate.

New Challenges for the Accounting Industry

In today’s business environment, the importance of privacy legislation, increasing regulatory scrutiny, the frequency of litigation, as well as storage constraints and escalating costs are just a few of the factors that have made good records management practices a must. This changing environment has presented new records management challenges for financial institutions:

  • Development and application of retention strategies
  • Strengthening the security of vital client records through digitization
  • Distinguishing records that need to be kept in original paper format
  • Making e-records use more palatable
  • Classification of records and file folders that are stored off-site

To meet these challenges, Jeter can help you:

  • Guide the design of a retention strategy that will simultaneously reduce storage costs and the risk of non-compliance by identifying appropriate records retention schedules
  • Coordinate the design of a digitization program that considers the requirement for parallel maintenance of paper versions of certain vital records
  • Restructure information capture so as to make usage of the information in the electronic format more user friendly
  • Upgrade your system for classifying records that are to be stored offsite, leading improved usage on the part of employees

Get the Benefit of Jeter’s Experience

For 30 years we have been helping major North American accounting and risk management companies implement the right RM programs and manage their RM projects. We provide expert advice to ensure their records systems are compliant, efficient and cost effective. Jeter records management professionals will benchmark your document management practices against best in class systems. From electronic imaging and bar coding financial applications, to mutli-branch record consolidation and color coding collateral files, Jeter will provide you with the best solution to manage greater file volumes more efficiently and in less space. Our solutions can even allow you to manage more records with fewer people. Whatever your records management issue, Jeter can help.

For more information on how Jeter records management services can help your accounting company, call 1-800-321-8261 or complete our online response form.

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