Optimizing Your File Storage Space

Using space effectively — it’s a perennial problem for organizations everywhere, and records managers are always under pressure to cut down on their storage footprint. The good news is that by simply following records management best practices and using the right supplies and equipment, you can reduce the square feet your records require.

Here are just a few of the ways Jeter can help you reduce your file storage requirements.

Implement the Right Retention Schedule

A good records retention schedule is your best friend when it comes to saving space. In fact, an effective records retention program can help you reduce storage costs by one-third. How? Because your schedule details exactly what you need to keep and for how long, you are in a position to control the growth of your records collections. This way you ensure that you aren’t paying to store records you don’t need to keep.

Purge Non-Records

Industry estimates show that 50-70% of the records found in a typical collection don’t actually need to be retained. Non-records such as duplicates and out-dated drafts are a result of day-to-day business functions and take up valuable storage space. The key is to purge these documents and files in a systematic way that takes RM principles into account.

That’s where our Jeter SMART service comes in. Our consultants work with your employees to determine what needs to go and coordinate the entire purging process. On average, the Jeter SMART program reduces document volume by 25%!

Use Off-Site Storage Facilities

Every organization has material that has to be retained for business and regulatory purposes but that doesn’t need to be accessed on a regular basis. Offsite records storage facilities provide a cheaper alternative for housing these kinds of records because they allow you to free up costly office space and still access and keep the documents you are required to.

Digitization and Imaging

Digitizing and imaging your documents is a great way to save space and cut storage costs because, depending on your legal and regulatory requirements, you can often destroy the originals or store them in an off-site facility. Best of all, the imaged and indexed documents are instantly available to staff across your organization and can be quickly and easily accessed when needed.

Get the Right Equipment, Supplies and Layout

Not all filing rooms are created equal. From high density shelving and mobile file storage to optimized room layout and customized file folders, we can help you ensure that your physical storage is performing at peak efficiency.

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